NFT Galleries

Visit and explore incredible 3D Worlds.

The Nexus

This NFT Gallery is the convergence of peace and quiet. A place where the elements meet. A place of serenity. But there is more here to discover…


Backyard and Chill

A picturesque, beautiful backyard to call your own. This NFT Gallery is the ultimate chill without any of the upkeep. Oh, and don't forget to greet the neighbors.



An ancient NFT Gallery, discovered after a misguided space tour crash landed here. To a World undiscovered by mankind... until now. But be warned, we are not alone at the Obelisk.



Miles beneath the earth lives a brilliant source of life in the form of a Cherry Blossom tree. Without the sun, this life form still thrives. And while you're down here, so will you and your NFTs.


Bar Beyond

An exclusive destination where you not only control the VIP NFT list but also the vibe. This vibrant space, beaming with color and intricate mechanics, exists years in the future…


System Requirements:
Intel Core i5-2500K@3.3GHz or AMD FX 6300@3.5GHz or higher.
OS: Windows 10 64 bits.
NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 or higher.

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Let's build the future of
Metaverse together

We have big plans and while not all our features are here yet, come along with us as we build something great.

Customizable Worlds

Display your artwork

Create an NFT gallery or place your art to showcase your artistic sensibilities.

Personalize your environment

Set the mood by adjusting colors, lighting, and furnishing to your liking.

Asset Integration

Collect assets and accessories from other Worlds or browse the marketplace and add to any of your Worlds.

    Something for Everyone

    Destination Worlds

    Explore next-level virtual destinations that will feature collaborations with some amazing brands and entertainment properties.

    A World in a Box

    These unique World boxes represent the individual World you own. Similar to NFTs, they are on the blockchain and are utilized as an authentication and an access point to your World.
    Explore Roadmap

      Social Experiences

      Share and connect with other World travelers

      Invite People to your Worlds

      Create the ultimate hangout for you and your friends to chill and plot your next adventure.

      Attend events with other people

      Meet up with friends at various destinations across the Metaverse for virtual concerts and other live, interactive events.

      Shareable Worlds

      Publish your World and make it a destination for others to enjoy.

      Add your own Avatars

      Experience a whole new World through the eyes of your very own, customized avatar.

        Monetizable Worlds

        Buy and sell Worlds

        Just like any NFT, your World you own will hold value and you'll be able to sell through other marketplaces.

        Create a virtual store

        Whether you want to sell your own NFTs, digital goods, or even physical goods, we will have all the tools you need get you monetizing your Metaverse.


          WELCOME TO OUR WORLD! We are a tight crew of artists and industry-leaders deeply ingrained in the Metaverse. Launched from Sequin, our award-winning virtual production company that has been building worlds for major brands and talent for years, Sequin.World is a new platform designed to deliver utility-driven, high-fidelity Worlds that are customizable and unique.

          In our initial launch phase, we will be releasing unique, high-fidelity Worlds built for the Metaverse, ready for you to collect, customize, and explore. These beautiful, immersive Worlds will be accessible through our Sequin.World platform.
          We will add more and more features and functionality to each of the existing and future Worlds as they roll out.
          • Personalize Your World
            Customize and curate your environment to reflect your unique personality.
          • Share Your Experiences
            Create and share content from within your Metaverse to the whole world.
          • Explore Unique Destinations
            Interact with other people and explore other worlds across the Metaverse - together.
          • Monetize Your Worlds
            Utilize your world to sell NFTs, digital & physical goods, and beyond.
          So the Worlds you collect… will evolve. And where they go will be partially influenced by our community. We will always have an ear to ground within our dedicated community to listen, learn, and adapt to support the wants and needs of our World Holders.
          Avatars have always been a part of the Sequin.World plan and we are working very hard to deliver this exciting integration onto our platform in the near future. And with these Avatars, will come much more utility and functionality including the introduction of shared Worlds.
          Ultimately, we created Sequin.World to empower the Creator. The World Builders. We have our sights set on evolving this platform to a place where we are connecting communities together to create their own Metaverses and Worlds through our platform.

          ALONG THE WAY

          While this is the grand plan, we are certain there will be many exciting evolutions and features while on this amazing journey together. Lookout for some awesome collabs, WL contests, giveaways, and other exciting additions to our platform!

          Stay connected in our World for more soon!